About Us

About Us

What is the meaning of KUREiji Sakana? In Japanese, KUREiji is “Crazy” and Sakana is “Fish”. Crazy Fish! Like all of us at KUREiji you have undoubtedly found KUREiji Sakana out of the pure love of Bass Fishing, and the continuous search for that magic fish-catching lure. At KUREiji we take pride and honor in bringing our customers the highest quality innovative bass fishing lures/jigs of their kind in the USA.

KUREiji jigs are designed by fishermen for fishermen to eliminate classic flaws that are inherent with low-cost production jigs. We at KUREiji have fixed the flaws that bass fishermen despise! KUREiji products last longer, perform more efficiently, and catch more fish!

 Why KUREiji Jigs?

As we all know when patterning fish, by most accounts, lure choice is generally the biggest piece of the puzzle. At KUREiji we have designed our products to be as pattern specific as possible. Whether it is bottom terrain, type of cover, specific forage, specific depth, water clarity, the speed of retrieve, or any other combination of factors there is a KUREiji product to fit your scenario.

 We are BETTER! Why?

  • 3D CAD Design
  • Pattern Specific
  • Hand Tied with a specific KUREiji Fly Tier process
  • The use of quality parts and a high level of quality control
  • KUREiji products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA!

Designed for specific terrain, forage type, foliage type, water temperature, and speed of retrieve. There is a KUREiji lure for every seasonal pattern from top to bottom.

(1) Three types of specific Swim Jigs. The Original, the Mississippi, and the Panic are a perfect all-season trio. 

(2) Four flipping jigs designed specifically to drag, flip, and swim in all kinds of cover. Two specific jigs, the Lock & Load and soon to launch in 2022 the Little Eddy by Elite Series Fisherman Pat Schlapper.

(3) A football jig, with a 70-degree angle for that perfect stand-up presentation.

(4) An old-school single Colorado 24 carat gold blade spinnerbait with a custom artic turn for that perfect thump. We also make sure our spinner bait has premium Sampo ball bearings and Hildebrand blades.

(5) Buzz Bait that you will never put down when that topwater bait is on! The “Solid Gold” has the highest level of noise extraordinaire with a 24-carat gold blade.

(6) The "Scatter Bait", the ultimate swim jig blade bait.  A movement not copied by any other product on the market.  Delivered in 3 blade colors.  Gold, Black, and Aluminum.


Purchased in America

All hooks are not created equal! Custom hooks in all but one of our jigs. Why custom hooks? Each jig deserves the proper hook for the proper presentation and strength-based upon the specific cover that the jig is being thrown around and in. For example, a flipping hook requires a short shank oversized wide gap xxx tough hook. We have taken care to design, customize, and test every hook that goes into each product. Custom high-end Owner and Gamakatsu hooks are all we use. Costly yes! The best yes!

Paint and Finish

Paint and Application in the USA

We have all purchased that jig that on the first cast the paint chips. We have custom mixed powder colors, heat-treated and double finished coats on all of our jigs. The paint lasts much longer than our competitors. Again, this process is more costly but if our jig lasts longer it actually costs our customers less. And, oh yes! They catch more fish!


Purchased from an American Company

To keep prices down manufacturers, use banded push on skirts. This is very successful if your goal is price, speed, and quantity of product produced. Our goal is quality and consistency with no compromise. We use both silicone tabs and round rubber. We have developed a fly-tier-aged process to install our skirts. Hand-tied; fly tier knots, saltwater extra tough thread, and the proper rotary equipment to achieve this process. Pure unadulterated eye for perfection and detail!

 Weed Guards

Manufactured in America

No flimsy weed guards! KUREiji jigs have the correct number of strands and stiffness for each jig. We also install each weed guard with waterproof epoxy to ensure a tight fit and superior durability. 

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